I went home with strong anger and found a common bulb

I am not sure whether the bulbs in England are different from the ones in China. But in England, there would be warning in the package says,” Do not put that objective into your mouth”. Maybe nobody except the idiots would do that, I jeered. But the dramatic thing did happen to me.

One day, A Indian friend and I were watching TV at his home and talking about the warning. He told me he have read a book and knew the exact reason. It would be stocked, if you put the removable battery floodlight Suppliers bulb into your mouth. What’s more, it would never be taken off, no matter what you try to do. He stared at me firmly and nodded his head with completely sure.

But I glanced at him doubtfully and debated, the surface of bulbs is very smooth, if it can be put into mouth, which would prove the mouth is big enough for the bulbs to get in and out of it. Thus the bulb can be taken out of the mouth theoretically. But he insisted what the book said is right. I was angry with his kind of belief to book, and joke him as the idiot and stupid. He said I can’t read the book in English. So we squalled with each other about this thing.

I went home with strong anger and found a common bulb and thought the previous on bed. In order to prove the Indian friend’s innocence and show the special spirit of scientist, I decided to seek the truth form the fact and have a try by myself. Obviously, I have prepared the Security measures that I bought a boil of oil, in case the bulb can slip out, if it was stocked.

Everything is ready, so I put the bulb to the side of my mouth, then it slipped into my mouth just within 1 second. I laughed at my friend as bookworm in my mind.

Then I easily pulled the bulb a little outer. It is alright; I happily opened my mouth and tried my best. Oh my God, It was really stuck. I put half of oil into my mouth and want to get the bulb out.  Unfortunately, most of it went into my stomach.

In this embarrassment situation, I only can call for help. But how can I speak with a bulk in the mouth? So I wrote a letter and asked my neighbor for help. The old lady was shocked and shouted, “what’s wrong with you? ’

I wrote a note, “please call me a taxi and tell the driver take me to hospital.” She watched the note for half minute, and then laughed her head off.

The taxi came 15 minutes later. The drive flipped his lid and laughed constantly. On the whole way, he asked, “how can you do this?”  Your mouth is too small, I am ok, You see my big mouth“His mouth is really big, I still was worried about him and wanted to tell him not to try it, But I can’t speak any words with the bulb in my mouth, In the back mirror, I seemed to hold a goldfish in mouth.

In the hospital, the nurse blamed I wasted their time and arranged me to line up for two and half hours. Those suffering patients were tittering at me, it seemed they all recovered. In this way, this stupid thing would be a little useful.

The doctor put the cotton swab aside my mouth, broken up the bulb and took out it piece by piece. My mouth was swelling as the sausages. They told me not to do this again. I promised not to do such stupid thing any more, and would tell others my story as a warning.

I went out of the hospital and thought there won’t be any stupid one like me to do such tiresome thing. But when I walked out the door, a familiar man torrentially rushed into the emergency room, —it is the taxi drive. What a poor man!